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Cracking the Excitement Code


Folks, there's a bucket load of reasons for those insomnia-packed nights, and riding high on the 'Crazy Excitement Roller Coaster' is definitely one of them!

Picture this, excitement and fear are like two over-zealous twins who've binged on too much candy, leaving poor 'Calm and Quiet' in the dust. When your mind is held hostage by these hyperactive twins, it's like trying to juggle flaming swords while riding a unicycle on a tightrope. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Well, it's not!

Let's put it simply, you're either too jazzed up or too freaked out, either way, you're setting yourself up for a spectacular failure. So, if you're someone who gets excited or scared by the smallest of things, forget about perfecting your Macarena dance moves, you'd be lucky if you can even walk straight! In extreme cases, we're talking losing control over basic functions like forgetting where the toilet is...Ewww, messy!

But fret not, Life aka 'The Big Guy Upstairs' has a sense of humor and sends us feedback about our energy levels through countless life tests. If you find yourself freaking out or overly excited, it simply means your energy is not quite ready to ace that particular test. Relax, breathe, and chill, you're doing just fine.

Now, there are different levels to these 'life tests'. Chatting with a CEO? That's high-level stuff. Flirting with someone cute? Meh, it's low-level stuff. If you get jittery and start to sweat bullets just thinking about small talk with a crush, you're in for a royal panic attack when it comes to bigger challenges!

But hey, we've all been there! Had an adrenaline rush or got spooked right before bedtime? No worries! Find a cozy corner, meditate, focus on your breath, or if you're overflowing with excess energy, get productive and do simple tasks like cleaning your room or folding laundry (Yes, that pile from last week!). If your mind is always racing and your exercise routine consists of walking from the couch to the fridge, don't focus on your breath. Instead, go for a stroll and feel the earth beneath your feet, it's surprisingly therapeutic.

Gotta go folks, I'm too hyped up! Time for a late-night moonwalk!

Stay groovy and goodnight!