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Whatever Works


Alright, let's dive into the art of Whatever Works. No, I'm not talking about Woody Allen's movie, I'm referring to this magical concept in leadership known as delegation. And folks, we'll be doing it with some gusto and a healthy dose of laughter!

So, imagine you're at your favourite local pub, enjoying a hearty beef stew, and out of nowhere, your brain pops up with thoughts about the phrase Whatever Works. How exciting, right? Almost as delightful as the extra marrowbone you ordered (which, by the way, is great for those of you into sports - not so much for the couch potatoes!).

Now, delegation, folks, is like trying to tango with a cactus. Yep, you read that right. It’s a delicate dance of sharing your power and responsibilities with someone else. Anyone who's been at the helm of the good ship 'management' knows that this is no easy feat.

Picture this: Delegation is an art form and you, my friend, are Picasso! I mean, anything that requires a heap of brains and brawn could be considered art, right? Think about it, you can't expect to juggle every task when you climb up the corporate ladder. Nope, you're going to need a troupe of trusted sidekicks to keep things smooth sailing and well-balanced.

Speaking of balance, it's not just about managing work and health, or family and work. It's more like a seesaw with countless pairs of opposing factors. And while we're here throwing in random numbers, let's just say it involves a whole lot of components, like mental health, physical health, family, short-term and long-term work progress, family finance, company finance, HR, relationships with staff, company culture, risks, and so on.

But, be warned, if you dare to tip the balance or sacrifice any of these elements, you're likely to get smacked by the karma boomerang. Life can be cruel, right? One moment you're flying high, the next you're face-down in the mud. Ouch!

So, back to Whatever Works. It's about sharing power, making your load lighter, but it comes with the risk of folks messing up. It’s a bit like lending your beloved car to a friend - there's always that fear they’ll wrap it around a lamppost. If your underlings mess up, well, you're going to feel the pinch. Ever seen a Yakuza movie where the boss chops off his pinky to apologise? Yeah, it’s that kind of feeling!

The thing is, not everyone can handle being a boss, and one of the reasons is they just can't delegate. They either don't have the right mindset or the right tactics to make things flow smoothly. Trust me, our monkey minds can be real selfish and unreasonable. We give power but can't accept the risk of others messing up.

Most superiors automatically blame their subordinates when things go awry, because hey, it's easier to pass the buck than own up, right? But real leadership requires awareness and intelligence to not peeve your subordinates.

Now, you might be thinking, "Can I skip delegation?" Well, sure, as long as you don't mind staying at the same level, dealing with manageable tasks, or if your job doesn't involve leading a team.

Remember, Whatever Works is a mantra for delegation. It means you have the freedom to work in your own way. But there's a catch: the work must be done and it must be done right. Otherwise, you might as well be playing Russian roulette with your career.

Why Whatever Works, you ask? Because everyone's unique and they have their own style. So, don't be a stickler for rules. Instead, create an environment where everyone can bring their A-game and shine. They might surprise you!

Just remember, as with everything else in life, Whatever Works doesn't mean you get to slouch off. Just because you delegate doesn't mean you get to stick your feet up on the desk and let others do the hard graft. You're still in charge, mate!

So, here’s to trusting your instincts, your team, and above all, letting things work the way they should. If you do that, you’re sure to be just fine. Who knows, you might even get to enjoy a second pint at the pub, stress-free!